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MCC donates $5,000 to Hospital Foundation

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The Portage Hospital Foundation was the recipient of a number of large donations in the last couple of days including $5,000 from the Portage MCC, Tuesday.

The Portage MCC held a day of charity on Nov. 20 that went very well according to store manager Kevin Hamm.

“It went fabulous. It was the biggest fundraising day that we have ever had. We were really, really excited to have this partnership with the Portage Hospital Foundation; Erin Miller-Simpson and her crew did a fabulous job,” said Hamm.

The partnership is one that executive director of the Portage Hospital Foundation Erin-Miller Simpson would like to see continue as well.

“(The) $5,000 goes a long way for our organization and we are very grateful for (the MCC) and the support of the community to support such a great cause,” said Miller-Simpson. “It is a great partnership and I hope we can maybe do this as an annual event. Being able to pick the Portage Hospital Foundation as a partnership is a good one because it effects everyone in our community.”

Hamm said that giving back to the community in such a way in incredibly important for the MCC as all their donations do come from the local area.

“We feel the work that the Portage Hospital Foundation does in incredibly important. We have partnered with other organizations as well and we really appreciate the opportunity to work together in this way,” said Hamm.

The Portage Hospital Foundation was also the recipient of dollars from the recently closed Portage Mennonite Church, who gave $12,000 to the organization as it was dispersing its funds for which they are also very grateful.

All funds collected by the Portage Hospital Foundation this year will go to help support renovations to the chemotherapy department of the Portage and District Hospital.

“Right now we are currently raising funds for the expansion and renovation of the chemotherapy department that is underway as we speak,” said Miller-Simpson. “That price tag was $85,000 and so we are very close to getting that. Anything anyone can do to help us out is absolutely wonderful.”

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