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Lucky Diners Enjoy The View

southport dinner 2

A group of lucky individuals had a meal with a view in Southport Friday night.

Winners won the chance to have dinner in the Air Traffic Control tower at the Portage District General Hospital Foundation Gala last fall. Foundation Executive Director Erin Miller says it was a rare experience.

“It was very unique. I don’t think anyone’s ever done it, and hardly anyone gets to even come in the tower. It’s a beautiful view, and it’s really amazing. The generosity from this group of people to donate such a great dinner, a great idea, and of course the people that are here  supporting the Hospital Foundation is incredible. By them supporting the Foundation, they’re really supporting the community. So we’re very grateful for that, really happy to be here and enjoy the experience with them.”

Southport VFR Controller Michael Maynard says it’s a first for him.The Traffic Control Tower

“Well it’s a new thing for us. My boss JP and I were talking today, in all of our days working in towers, we’ve never had something like this go on, it’s quite unique. I think that should it come off without a hitch, then maybe it’s something that we perpetuate in the future as well. So it’s a good idea.”

Maynard adds it was an awesome experience for him personally.

“It’s really cool because most of the time people are drawn to the pilot world in aviation. They want to see the aircraft fly, and go on family flights and that sort of stuff. A few people get exposure to the tower, because not a lot of people get invited over here, and it’s a unique opportunity for people to see what we do and enjoy a meal at the same time.”southport dinner

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