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Hospital Gala Has Incredible Success

hospital gala oct162015

The 15th Annual Dinner and Live Auction for The Portage District General Hospital Foundation had an impressive turnout Friday. Foundation Executive Director Erin Miller was amazed by the turnout.

“This is an absolutely amazing night as always. It’s a sold out crowd, 240 people. We get such a positive response from the community as far as donating prizes that there is absolutely something here for everybody. We have probably 40 items in our live auction, 50 to 60 items in our silent auction and tons of prizes in the rainbow auction. It’s just incredible.”

Miller adds it’s amazing to see the generosity of the community as all of the money raised at the gala goes to such an important cause.

“All of the money raised for the Portage District General Hospital Foundation goes directly into supporting the hospital. Everybody needs to use our local hospital. We are key on program development, buying specialized equipment that isn’t funded by regular government spending. So we are a very instrumental part of the health care system in Portage. ”

Miller notes the gala brought in ninety four thousand dollars last year and she hopes the total from this years event is just as incredible.

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