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Hospital Foundation holds fundraising gala

The Portage Hospital Foundation celebrated its 12th annual fundraising dinner and wine tasting Friday night at the William Glesby Centre.

The event is the Foundation’s largest fundraising event of the year, which included a dinner catered by Bill’s Sticky Fingers, entertainment by Julianne Dick, as well as live and silent auctions, door prizes, and more.

“It’s one of our two fundraisers we have every year. This is our biggest fundraiser. Tonight we hope to raise between $25,000 and $30,000; all the money raised tonight is going to our capital project,” said Erin Miller-Simpson, executive director of the Portage Hospital Foundation.

In total 240 people attended the sold out event, which was raising funds for the expansion and renovation of the chemotherapy department which was announced earlier this year.

“We just announced that we are funding the expansion and renovation of the chemotherapy department of $85,000. All the money raised tonight will go towards that,” said Miller-Simpson. “That will be happening in the next couple of months.”

The Foundation was also happy to announce $192,000 worth of capital equipment purchased this year for the Portage and District Hospital.

“We bought specialized operating room equipment, items for the emergency department, new monitors for the pediatric medical department, and a blanket warmer for chemotherapy,” said Miller-Simpson.

Thanks to people who couldn’t come and made personal donations instead the Foundation was already sitting at $5,100 before the night even started.

“I think that it means we live in an absolutely incredible community. It is very humbling to live in a community that supports such a great cause,” said Miller-Simpson. “It means a lot for it to be sold out because not only are people taking time out of their busy lives but they’re also being very generous.”

Among those that attended included Miller-Simpson, Jim Knight the chairman of the Foundation board, Kathy McPhail the CEO of the Southern Regional Health Authority, and Denise Harder the chairperson of the Southern RHA.

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