Douglas Campbell Lodge

Douglas Campbell House

Douglas Campbell Lodge is an accredited 60-bed personal care home ensconced in the community of Portage la PrairieBeautifully decorated, each room is designed and furnished with the residents in mind. When residents want to enjoy the fresh air, they can visit the Gladys Crampton Campbell Memorial Garden. It provides residents with a tranquil place walk or sit and appreciate the outdoors. Upgrades would not be possible without our supporters.

Douglas Campbell Lodge Donor Wall

$100 Category

Antonia Lozinski

Artdil Farms Ltd

B. Brown

Barry Heal

Barry & Diane Sadler

CARM Staff & Executive Committee

Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

CMA Saskatchewan

Donald Beck

Donald Lenton

Dick’s Cafe

Edward Rystephanuk

Errick & Barb Harrison

Gerald Fauschou

Glen Beck

Grace Strut

Grant Sneesby

Ian & Andrea McGowan

IC Group - In Memory of Kathy Bales

Independent Order of Fosters

In Memory of Bea Brown - George Picard

In Memory of Rick Locke - Lou Locke

In Memory of Peter Hamm - Nancy Howison

J. Anderson

J. Atteson

Janice Kelly

Jean Leakry

Kathleen Quinlan

Klippenstein Farms

Linda Duffus

Lloyd & Karen Paulson

Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses

Manitoba Pond Honourable Order of The Blue Goose

Marguerite Muckly

Margaret Richardson

Mark & Elaine Verwey

Marylne Gourley

Mr & Mrs Brydon

Mr & Mrs Button

Mr & Mrs Kupchuk

Mr & Mrs Vann

N. Todd

Oakville Area Friends And Neghbours

Olga Nash

Richard Hughs

Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Management & Staff

Society of Management Accountants Of Canada

Sylvia Hayward

Thomas Loghrin

Wendy Smiley

$250 Category

Clfford & Joan Sinclair


In Memory of Bea Brown - Dorothy Klassen

Pearl Humenny

Ron Schneider

Shindleman Family

Shirley Storey

$500 Category

Bev Lamb

Estate of Anita Gillis

Estate of Ella Roy

In Memory of Dorothy Gibson - Larry & Lori Christie

Irvine Ferris & Sherri Palmer & Family

Joyce Painter

Lyall & Rebecca Phillips

Robert Mowat

$1000 Category

In Memory of Dorothy Gibson – David Neufeld

In Memory of Dorothy Gibson - Rick & Bunny Williamson

In Memory of Elsie Grobb

In memory of John & Telka Fedus

In memory of Inanda Rempel – Love Keith & Janice

In Memory of Harry Bereza - Sophie Bereza

Florence Steegstra-Kamelchuk - In Memory of Effie Steegstra

Russell Moffat

$2500 Category

Kozy Korner Senior Centre

$5000 Category

In Memory of Irene Taylor - Love Don, Gary & Linda

In Memory of Muriel Doherty - Love your family

James Yuel

Jim & Marie Kirkup


Dr. Jim Ross & Joyce Ross

Royal Canadian Legion - Poppy Fund

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